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I am looking for a reliable Registry cleaner that will clean my registry and speed up my computer. I found a registry cleaner whilst Googling called "Registry Helper" from SafeApp Software

It would be appreciated is someone could advise whether this is a reliable program or let me know which one is sage & reliable


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Never heard of that app. If the only thing you need is commercial registry cleaning, I would go with our endorsed product Uniblue RegistryBooster. You may also try Auslogics BoostSpeed which does more than registry clean. The freeware alternative is obviously CCleaner. Many people here will feel comfortable recommending it to individuals and clients. After seeing some damage it wrought, I personally do not. Either way CCleaner is the safest free one.

I suppose I'll get flamed for this, again, but over a time of several years, I tried CCleaner two times and both time it left my PC un-bootable.

Two Multi-Purpose programs that do clean the dead links out of the registry that I have used with never any problem are "Easy Cleaner 2" and the "AVG Tune-Up".

Both programs have additional cleanup utilities to get rid of temp files, etc., and the AVG Tune-Up can also tweak the Internet Connection for fastest access.
Easy Cleaner is FREE and AVG Tune-Up is not.

But for me, being in the computer business, I have to have programs that not only work good for me but for my Hundreds of customers. My liability is too great, when working on other peoples PC's, to use any program that I'm not 100% sure is SAFE.
I have about a dozen computers here, with every OS from ME to 7 Ultimate 64 and I test any/every program on all of them before I'll share it with my customers.

On some forums, just bringing up the topic of Registry Cleaning can get you standing in the corner or sent to the principal's office. :p
Fortunately, on this forum, we can at least have a dialog about it without repercussions.

Y'all have a great day now, Y'hear?


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Eusing Software - Hide windows program software,CD ripper freeware,registry cleaner softwarehat's a great program as well, however for basic cleaning CCleaner works fine. Always remember to backup, in case something does go wrong.

@OldTimer: AVG PC Tuneup uses the same engine and interface as the program Mike mentioned, so it really doesn't matter what tune up program you use, as they all do the exact same thing.

In almost all situations, unless your PC is 15 years old and has never even looked at the word "maintenance", a registry cleaner will not do justice to improve performance. A full suite like the ones aforementioned will work significantly better but since you can do all these same things with a little tech-knowledge and hard work, the $49.99/year price tag really doesn't add up, in my opinion (I am however a tech enthusiast).

Nice seeing you around again :)


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Well, I have used the PC Tools Registry Mechanic (not free) for several years. But if you use one, try to watch what it is doing and get one that has a restore capability, in case it removes something that keeps a program from running.

And I agree it might not help your performance much. When programs go to the registry, they are usually looking for a particular entry.


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Not to be argumentative but I've use CCleaner for years on many computer and I've never had a problems with it.
I recommend it to everybody I know and no one has ever had a problem.

The cleaning app works great and does all the cleaning up crap jobs in seconds.
I use it for uninstalling and setting my open at boot items and to control my cookies.

As for the registry cleaner I use it only after uninstalling things, it's good at getting rid of the left behind stuff but has a light touch.

I just tried Auslogic Boot Speed and it find 100s of errors on a brand new install.
I'm guessing that most of them don't mean much.

It does have some other applications that seem useful though and it's easy to use.



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Hi Guys

Thanks for the info, much appreciated


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My wife and I use CCleaner regularly without a single hitch. We generally use it for temp file cleanup, but also occ. use it for registry work. I believe it helps eliminate leftover stuff that tends to accumulate in your PC. Don't be surprised if you do not get a big speed boost, I don't. I just don't like the orphaned stuff sitting there, lurking there waiting to cause a problem in the future.

Generally the default settings work fine. I am paranoid about getting rid of temp internet stuff so dump it when browsers close, then also set CCleaner and Privacy Mantra (my other temp cleaner) to look for the rest of the junk to dump it.

Just use a Google search for CCleaner and / or Privacy Mantra.


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Hi Ted

Thanks for the advise

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