Windows 7 Registry keys under HKLM/Software not identified in WIN7 64 bit

Hello All,
I have been trying to create a registry entry which my Script file searches for and performs
a certain action upon successfully identifying it.
XYZ is the key I am creating. XYZ also has a subkey making it
Now I am adding a string value to ABC as say LMN which has a value data in it as say 123.
Now my Script searches for the presence of '123' in this path
HKLM/Software/XYZ/ABC. Upon finding it and verifying it performs a pre programmed action.
All this works fine on 32 bit version of Win7.
But, in Win7 64 bit, it is not being identified. For that matter no key under HKLM/Software
is being recognised, except for the keys under HKLM/Software/WOW6432node.
Please help me here.
How can I make those keys under Software visible and actively recognizable.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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