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Windows 7 registry question


New Member
Jan 21, 2009
Is there a way to make a start up process start with a delay of say 30 seconds via the registry? I tried software but none of them work with win 7 beta.


EDIT: If not, Is there a way to have the start up programs start in a certain order?
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Not in the registry, no.

I'd suggest you place it in the startup folder as that loads after all registry entries are started.

I've tried renaming the entries in the registry or place a - before an entry, and they still don't load in any particular order.

Even that's questionable because it takes a while for anti-virus programs to fully load. Same goes for Spyware detectors and personal firewalls.
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What is the name of the software you are trying to install?

I've installed over 25 3rd party apps with no problems at all.

Even old 16-bit apps from years ago.
If you're a Vonage customer, simply call or shoot them out an e-mail and see if that program is compatible with Windows 7.

You release that program is still in the Alpha stage, which means it's not even a beta yet.

Are you having problems with any other installs?
"Someone told me no 3rd party software works with win 7 yet. IS that true"
Tell "someone" to check his facts before making alarming uninformed statements like that. It's about 95% untrue!