Regular freezes.

The Frederick

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My computer has suddenly been freezing. Or at least, I think it's freezing. I got a new mouse/keyboard combo a few days ago, and just today it's started playing up. First off, the mouse and keyboard seem to not work during boot-up, so I can't use them (maybe since they're both USB, I dunno, my old keyboard was PS/2).

Then, when it freezes, it's completely unexpected. There's no indication, no errors messages, it just stops. But at the same time, the mouse and keyboard turn off, I can't even get the lock key lights to toggle. So it could be that the mouse and keyboard are just stopping, rather than the system freezing.

Any suggestions?

Go in BIOS and enable usb mouse and usb keyboard


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And make sure you have the latest Windows 7 compatible drivers for your mouse and keyboard installed.

The Frederick

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It seems to be better so far, seems to have just been for those few hours yesterday. Didn't know about the USB mouse and keyboard in the BIOS.

And I'd damn well hope these are Win 7 compatible, they're MS and the box said "Windows 7 Compatible". :)

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