Regular ntoskrnl.exe BSOD's

Hi all,
I have relatively regular BSOD's on my laptop (around once a week). Using my admittedly limited knowledge I have been able to trace the problem to a process called ntoskrnl.exe. A quick Google tells me this probably indicates a problem with something else, but I am unable to trace the problem any further. I have a attached 12 of my most recent mini dump files.

My laptop (a Clevo w880cu) is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit, with an Intel i7 940XM processor, 8GB of RAM and a Nvidia 480M GTX video card. All my drivers are up to date (as far as I know), everything is stock and I am not running any illegal or illegitimate software.

I hope someone can help me out, just ask if you need more info, thanks in advance!


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I have checked your dump reports, but do not really have the experience to know what is going on for sure. It seems you have a driver from 2008 which might be related to a Motorola Modem, smserial.sys (2008). If you are still using the modem, you might check for a new driver. If you are not using the device, you will need to keep it from starting on your system.

Because the driver is old, does not necessarily mean it is causing the problems, but is a possibility.

Someone with more experience will need to look at your other info to see if anything looks abnormal. But you seem to have quite a few drivers so I would suggest, if you continue to have problems, that you start to eliminate the other devices, if you can, during a testing phase. The first test would be to run your system in Safe Mode to see if the Blue Screens occur. If this is not reasonable, try to make note of any situation that might be related to the occurrences.

Check Event Viewer for any Error or Warning messages that might be persistent and might occur close to the Blue Screen events.

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