Reinstallation of Windows 7 over Windows 7


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I was so impressed with the 64 bit W7 I installed on my PC that I installed the 32 bit version on my wife's PC. Now, I now that I can't use the same product key and I am happy to purchase another key.

The thing is, I find that it would be considerably cheaper to buy another complete set of disks from, say, Amazon than to buy a new product key from MS. But I presume I would have to reinstall the new WZ over the original. Anyone done this and, if so, any problems?


Jim :)


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If said OS is already installed you can simply use the change serial key option with a newly purchased one, it should change the version based on the serial entered automatically as the every build is included on the initial install, only being locked to version by the serial itself (ie Home, Starter, Business, Ultimate etc..) only thing to be aware of is making sure you get correct type in regards of 32bit or 64bit.

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Thanks, Highwayman. I shall order from Amazon forthwith In the certain knowledge that I only have to enter the product key that comes with the Amazon Discs!

Thanks again.


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