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I need an advice. It's long time what I bought my laptop with official win 8. Now I need to clear and format my HDD again. My question is: Can I install my official copy of windows and activate it again ? I would like to clear my hdd completely. If is it possible, please, where I can find required number of my windows, serial number or something like this ? I heard about some numbers located somewhere on plastic cover. Thanks for every answer. Have a nice day.


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The answer is yes, you can. Take a look at this article here: Where to Download Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 ISOs Legally
It provides links to the W10/W8x download page where you can access the Microsoft MCT tool. This tool downloads an ISO file to your computer--you'll need a 2nd working windows computer on which to download and burn the W8 install media.

On desktop PCs; the Microsoft COA or license sticker is located on the top, left, right, or rear of the tower computer case. On laptops computers it's always on the bottom. On W8x & W10 computers, this label is often hidden inside the battery compartment underneath the battery. On many newer laptops, you cannot remove just the battery, you have to take apart the entire laptop bottom case to get to the battery. This can be daunting and risky if you've never done it before. If you have this type of laptop, we recommend paying a licensed computer Tech to do this and get your License key for you.

For laptops that have this tricky issue, you can download free key-finder software onto your existing W8 laptop such as Winkeyfinder or Magic Jelly Bean. They will give you the W8 license you need to reinstall it after wiping your HDD. Make sure to print that key out, or write it down with pen and paper. Either way make sure you have a hardcopy of that key before wiping your drive and attempting a full W8 OS reinstall.

That should cover it.
Good luck with the reinstall.:encouragement: