Reinstalled, network/monitor driver problems

I just did a fresh install of win7, and upon reaching desktop Windows reveals that it can't find any network connection.

I use an AT&T 2wire 3600hgv and a Dell U2412M. When trying to manually install the driver for either of these devices, the device manager reports either that "windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date" or that no driver can be found. This is getting immensely frustrating. It's the first time I've reinstalled since getting this router, so I think it has to be the source of the problems. Any idea how to go about fixing this?

Solution found! Basically I had to install the motherboard ethernet driver, not a driver for the modem/router itself.

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Wireless or wired????

I'm connecting to it via ethernet, so wired. It's also a wireless router, though.


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You need to take some time and fill out your system specs follow this
The 2wire is a good router but a Dell U2412M seems to be a monitor which would not likely be impacting your network.
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Win7 64 ultimate, 2600k processor, 6970 gpu, 8gb ripjaw ram, 1tb caviar black hdd. I mention the monitor only because it seems like I'm having trouble with getting drivers to work properly among several components, not just the router/modem.

And to be clear, the system simply doesn't detect the router at all.

Double edit: the monitor problem was fixed by installing the appropriate ATI drivers rather than the Dell driver. Still no progress on the modem.

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