Reinstalled windows 7, all files saving to recovery drive. PLEASE HELP.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by JetsChick, Jul 23, 2011.

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    I recieved a Dell Insipron 1545 about a year and a half ago, with windows 7 pre-installed on it. Unfortunate circumstances have led me to have to reinstall windows 7 on my laptop. When I did (With the installation disks that came with my laptop) It kept sending me notifications that my recovery drive was full, and everything I tried to save would automatically attempt to save on the recovery drive and fail. Thus my laptop is almost useless because I can't reinstall any of my programs, games or transfer my pictures, videos and documents back onto it.
    I was promted to try and reinstall again, but this time specify that is be saved in the OS drive, not the recovery drive. I did this and it only led to the exact same results. I am at an absolute loss as to what I should do in this situation, and I would appreciate any help that could be given. Thank You!
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    Hi Jetschick,

    normally the 1545 comes with a 320GB hard drive although you mention a recovery drive and an os drive. Have you created further partitions? If so, then it sounds like that at least one is too full.
    If you open your control panel, click System and Security and then Administrative Tools. Click Computer management which will then open a largish box, look down the left hand side for Disk management and then click that. You'll then see something like in this screenshot:

    View attachment 15511

    Could you please take a screenshot so we can evaluate as to what may be the issue.
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    If it was me, I would wipe the entire hard drive clean with a low-level format using the DiskPart utility which is part of the Windows 7 install disc and then reinstall Windows 7.

    You'll probably have to setup the recovery partition and such as before. Those aren't separate hard drives but partitions on the one hard drive in the notebook computer.

    This tutorial from DELL may help you out in your quest. Windows 7 Manual Reinstall

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