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Hi. I recently had to send off for re boot DVD's to completely restore my PC. Since the re boot as soon as my system is turned on, I am prompted to enter a password. I did make a password when I put the DVD's in so that I could get things rolling. Each time I am now asked for this password. It doesn't concern me too much because it's great for security but I was wondering if somebody knows if it can be bypassed. I created the password when I was in the BIOS section of the complete re boot operation.

Any info would be appreciated




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Go back into the BIOS and remove the password.

Go back into the BIOS and remove the password.

I did go back into it and saw the menu on how to change/delete the password but wasn't sure how to do it correctly so it was a case of don't "touch until sure" so I just left it alone. It's easy enough to get into the BIOS so I think i'll get somebody with a bit more knowledge to do it for me.

Appreciate your reply and suggestion though.. thanks.


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Not sure if this works, to clear a password, but you could try to remove the CMOS battery, wait for a couple of minutes, then put it back and see if it was nullified. In any case, this will not harm anything. You will most probably get an option to start with "Default settings", choose that.

To be careful with BIOS is wise.

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