Windows 8 Release Preview Here


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ISO images and key.
You don't need to do anything special
As this is a pre-release version, please be cautious as to how you go about the installation and avoid upgrading your current OS, ideally you may wish to test on a non-production machine, virtual machine, dual boot scenario or a completely separate drive installed alone and used independently for this purpose only.

Windows 8 Release Preview ISO formats
I got it off MSDN - quite a good speed I'll be burning and installing tomorrow.
Win8 Build Team just E-mailed my links to Win8 RP via Connect. DLing as I write this. Guess I know what I'm doing today, eh?

Installed and running very nicely.. Slight changes here and there with aero still very much in effect, in fact even more so than the previous incarnation.
Can you post some screenshots, Ross? I've got both x64 and x32, but just recently got back to the office and need to get down to business. I am tired, but it looks like I'll be burning the midnight oil, so to speak, for this one.
I, too, am completely up & running w/ the RP. Anybody have or can suggest some strong words for fast, smooth & do what it should, really, well? Installing an OS (w/ this thing) sure has become quick, simple & easy!

I started to put Abode Flash in & then, woke up & went, "You silly boy, that's not necessary, anymore". Put WinRAR in, only to take it out, don't need that either, anymore. Etc, etc. Don't have to install printers, cameras & so on, anymore...install finishes & everything is done & in about 15 mins.

I only run x64. I quit bothering w/ x86 sometime not long after I started w/ Win7. Had both, @ the onset w/ 7 & shortly thereafter tossed the x86...was never using it, anyway. Don't even give x86 a thought, anymore.