Reliability Monitor crashes Windows Explorer, event name BEX64

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    Hi everybody,

    On the laptop listed in my sig, Windows Explorer will crash and reset itself while trying to load the Reliability Report from the Windows Action Center. This just started today and doesn't happen every single time when generating the report. It only happens when I exit out of the report and then reload it very fast by pressing the back and forward keys in quick succession on my mouse. When I do this, the window will hang on the screen with the green loading bar that says "Reliability Monitor is generating the report. Please wait..." and a new popup will appear telling me that Windows Explorer has crashed and is resetting itself. I would be very grateful if somebody can please interpret the error report of this incident and tell me how I can fix the problem.


    EDIT: Just noticed that this forum is not showing the full size image of the above screenshot and there's no way I can get it to do so. Just zoom in with you web browser (CTRL+) to enlarge it and see the details better.
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