Reliable Routers

What are some of the most reliable router brands you've found out there? I'm talking about routers which are still fine after a few years of service on a home network. I believe the problems with my internet, described in another thread, are related to the Trendnet wireless router being used. I'm looking into simply buying a wired router (wireless is okay too, but I imagine it costs more when I don't need the wireless utility) but I don't want to have to buy another one after a year because it gives the same problem the current one is giving, i.e. it cuts out my internet connection every so often and needs to be reset (go downstairs, unplug it, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in).

Linksys, Belkin and NetGear are the top brands in my area. You can get a wireless router for about $50 but depending on what your wi-fi connection speed and netwrok speed needs G or N - Gigbit ports, the cost goes up. I use Linksys product and never had any issues with them. I'm currently using the Linksys 4200 wireless N router with gigabit ports, $169.

I use D-Link and never had a problem, I had one give up the ghost after 6 years wireless portion worked but wired connection on it went Teats up.

Thanks for the responses, guys. I'll look into them as options if the problem persists. Just flashed the firmware to see if that will work on its own.

I want to upgrate W7,but it doesn't work!

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