relief - an OS that works (so far) :)

hi all.... just my little story.

I have finally had the time to install Win7 (pro) on 24/12. Such a relief - so far.

Issues relating to the USELESS Vista garbage i actually paid good money for accounted for about 5 to 10% of my day. I've had people laugh at me when i said i actually bought it - rather than... you know....

No, i'm not a noob, and yes, i have reinstalled multiple times. For some reason, i think my hardware simply didnt like it :) With each reinstall, i would get different issues.

I had to keep my old XP machine running just so i could run certain software which should have but wouldnt run on Vista. The there were the regular connection dropouts (resulting in reboot), browser freezes (resulting in reboot), and a multitude of other issues. :mad:

Anyway, this is how my Win7 install went.


  • BSOD at the end of install - but rebooted with no issue
  • I dont usually put the pc to sleep - i simply shut down then reboot (habit - Vista would lose all Internet after waking). I tried the sleep once function in Win7 - i got a BSOD - not a big deal
  • cant seem to get full digital output from my realtek drivers - have to work on that one (minor issue)
Good stuff

  • EASY EASY EASY install
  • All the software which wouldnt run on Vista, runs on Win 7 - WOO HOOOOO!!! :p
  • Examples of software that wouldnt work properly (or at all) on Vista but work on Win 7 are: Nokia PC Suite, Flash development tools, SEO tools, constant browser crashes/freezes in FF, IE and Opera (at least it didnt discriminate :rolleyes:), and the list goes on.
  • Only have one problem (so far) with one particular software - just have to upgrade it as it uses redundant NT printer drivers - worked on Vista though... go figure
In case anyone is interested, I chose the 32 bit because i simply didnt want to have to go through driver/software compatibility issues - this is basically a work machine, so all cool.

machine is an Intel quad core 2.6, 4 gig Corsair ram, wd 1tb hdd and samsung 700gb hdd, gigabyte mb (forget model) 500mb nvidia graphics - so its a bit dated. Also, i have a Coolermaster Cosmos S case which is the BOMB! VERY efficient box - my hdd's run at least 15 to 20% cooler than my Thermaltake, and the access is amazing!

Plan on buying a 3ware raid card if i start having problems with Win7 - or just buy a Mac.

Its only been 2 days, so we'll see how she measures up.

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