Remote Desktop Connection failure:

Hi all,

Desperately having trouble with remote desktop connection on my new Windows 7 OS.

I have disabled Windows Firewall, there is no internet security on the pc at the moment (new pc) and I continue experiencing error 'This computer cant connect to the remote computer'.

I previously had an xp machine where remote desktop connection worked normally in exactly the same environment. All's i have changed is the desktop.

My router issues the new cpu with ip, and i am attempting to remote from a windows 7 laptop, which has worked absoluntely fine in the past. I have troubleshooted every angle on this on dont understand why it will not connect.

One thing i did notice though is that when I enabled remote desktop on the new pc, there was no further options such as 'Dont allow connections to this computer, alow connection from computers running any version of remote desktop' etc.....

The only option i had was 'allow remote assistance on this computer'.

Any help on this would be truly grateful.

many thanks

Hello, I am having the same problem with my new 7 machine. I have all the connections right, Port open on the Router, same port open thry "regedit" on my computer. Please help!


hi pal,

iv been searching for the answer to this issue since posting my first thread.

Windows 7 Home Premium has the ability to remote desktop to another correctly configured machine on your network normally. However, it does not have the ability to be 'remote controlled'.

or this facility, you will need to upgrade the OS to Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate.

Hope this helps.


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