Remote desktop connection Win 7 to Win 7

Hello all,

I am trying to access my other win 7 PC from a win 7 PC. I have done this with a few PC's in same location as the one I am having problems with now. I have the IP address of the PC, computer name and set everything up to allow for remote connection.

When I try to access the PC remotely, the password does not seem to be recognised even though I know the password is correct.

The only difference I can see form this PC and others is that when I type IPCONFIG in a command prompt, it says that the "tunnel" has "media disconnected", and it does not say this with the other PC's I remotely access from the same room.

Can anyone help?



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Hello and welcome to the forum.
First, hosting a remote desktop session requires Win7 Pro or greater.
Is the account that you are attempting to access the computer with either a member of the Remote Desktop Users Group or a member of the Administrators Group on the remote machine? You may want to explicitly include the account name in the Remote Desktop users group.
Are you using some type of VPN tunnel in the course of connecting with the remote machine? If so what VPN software are you using? And are you accounting for the correct Default Gateway during session (use default gateway of remote network?)?
Is the remote machine using any type of Internet Security Suite like NIS (Norton Internet Security) or third party firewalls which might be causing this issue?
Are the two machines on the same subnet (collision domain) or is there a router or routers involved and have you configured port forwarding on the router for port 3389 or whatever port the remote machine is using to listen for incoming RDPs.
I have personally all but abandoned using the built-in RDP and use TeamViewer as a substitute. It's just as fast, if not faster, easier to configure (no firewall issues once allowed) and free for personal non-commercial use.

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