Remote Desktop Issues....very strage

Hello, I'm Tom and I am an advanced IT is my situation.
I have just upgraded to Windows 7 and configured remote desktop in the same way I have on XP and Vista machines, but I have come across an issue which I cannot find a solution to.

I can remote desktop to my computer running W7 from any location, except from with the network at the college I am currently at. Port 3389 is blocked so I am using port forwarding in my router to get around this...
My first diagnosis was that the other port I use had been blocked on the network...
I have tried several different ports - some of which I know aren't blocked - and I still can't remote desktop to W7...

Any suggestions on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated, as I am out of ideas...I have tried...

Different ports
Different firewall configurations
Disabling the firewall ...

All with no success...

Thanks for your time!

Not the answer you are looking for but maybe worth noting

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