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I have a company with several machines.
Server windows 2003 SBS, just replaced A computer with a windows 7 computer, A used to be able to log in remotely into her old computer. New computer when trying to log in i get invalid username or password. but I can use that same user name and password to log into A's old computer..

From the SBS I can log into A's new computer through remote desktop...

When I log in from the SBS it shows A's Windows 7's normal icon, but when I try and use any other computer to log into A's computer it shows an old icon at the log in, like its not going to that computer...


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Hello and welcome to the forum.
You may be having some internal name resolution problems, either DNS (presumably the new machine is joined to the Domain and is pointing at your Domain DNS server for name resolution), WINS/NetBIOS.
First double check and make sure if the old computer is still up and running on the network that you do not have a name (machine name) conflict or and IP address conflict. And make sure your Domain DNS server has the appropriate A record for the new Windows 7 machine including the proper IP address.
Then double check and make sure that whoever is attempting to RDP to the new win7 machine is a member of the Remote Desktop Users Group, and make sure that any GPOs and OUs impacting such activity are the same for the new machine as they were for the old XP machine.

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