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    Hi Guys,

    I really love my Lenovo T61p, specifically I love the 1920x1200 resolution that you don't get nowadays.

    Even though it's a well spec'd out laptop, the problem is that it is choking at times with the payload of software I want to run simultaneously - I'm a web developer that works from home.

    I was thinking about buying a higher spec desktop and when I'm not at my desk I want to be able login and work remotely through my T61p.

    I've got several laptops running Windows 7 and remoting in isn't a problem beyond the slight lag, which really defeats the purpose of what I want to do.

    I'm trying to ascertain the cause of the lag but I've got a feeling it is a combination of things...

    computer power (host)
    computer power (local)
    wireless router - I'm currently running a D-Link DSL-2640R
    wireless network adapters

    I have tried optimising the settings in Remote Desktop, but that really doesn't improve things to a degree where I'd be happy to work in that environment.

    I've just tried Team Viewer 7 and that wasn't any better than Remote Desktop.

    Can anyone offer any advice on this or will there always be a noticeable lag between the machines if you're working via wifi?

    I'm not so much bothered about working outside of my local network - yes it would be nice to remotely log in when I'm not at home, but that's not my goal. I want to harness the power of a desktop machine on my laptop... without any lag.

    Maybe it's just not possible over wifi? If that's the case I'd like to know so I can think of alternative solutions.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - thanks.


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