Remote Desktop Problem

I just installed Windows 7 RC build 7100 on a computer that was running W7 Beta before installing from a USB drive (not sure if that affects how `clean' the installation was). I connect to two separate computers, and after the upgrade, one is working, the other is not. Both remote computers are running XP.

working: vpn plus ip address. no problems.

not working: I connect with SSH and use port forwarding to connect through localhost:3390. This gives the error message "Your computer could not connect to another console session on the remote computer because you already have a console session in progress".
--I restarted the remote computer, and have used yet a different computer running XP to successfully connect using the same setup without issue. So the remote computer is running fine.
--I restarted the Windows 7 computer, and retried connecting with nothing else running. Same error message comes up.
--The computer running Windows 7 RC had no trouble connecting immediately prior to the change from Windows 7 Beta.

I'm using Windows Remote Desktop Connection with all fields and options identical to the settings before the RC installation. In fact, I used Windows Easy Transfer to move settings over, so I've also tried using the old .rdp settings file with the same result.


Same here

I do exactly the same thing. I just installed and I am having the same issue as you...

From what I can tell, RDP is trying to be "smart" and not let you connect to your own machine. I haven't found a solution yet....


pos solution

had a similar issue.

resolved by using computer name instead of IP

good luck

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