Remote Desktop problems affecting a specific Windows user

Bit if an odd one I'm hoping to get some help with...

I'm running Win 7 Ultimate x64 and have been for some time now on this particular machine. I use remote desktop to access the machine from elsewhere and it's always worked fine up until recently (late March/Early April).

There was a single user account on the machine that I would log into, but attempting to do this of late has presented problems.

the initial connection to the machine is established OK and I'm taken to the login screen which suggests the router/port forwarding is set up OK (I've tried two different routers anyway to rule the hardware out as a possibility). After entering my login credentials though, the Welcome loading page stalls and eventually I get a brief black screen and then returned to the Remote Desktop Connection dialogue. Either that, or I get presented with this error.

Now here's the odd bit...

If I restart the local machine and don't log in remotely, then I *can* remote desktop to this user account and the desktop loads. If I then disconnect and try again though, I get the same error as mentioned above.

I've created a second user account on the local machine and this profile doesn't exhibit any of the above problems. I can remote desktop to it, disconnect and reconnect without any problems whatsoever.

At a bit of a loss as to what to try next to be honest so would appreciate any suggestions?



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