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Hi guys

Im looking for a method where i can install software such as AV's / AM's from my pc to another.

Scenario A :

A pc has no antivirus on plus no software like MBAM, Instead of redownloading the installer again or transfering them on a USB stick + updates, I want to install the software from THIS pc to my other pc, I dont need to do a remote desktop connection to view the PC as such because i will have full access to this at the side of me, It would make it easier for when i want to update my other pcs or when i repair some ones pc for them.

Scenario B :

If the above cant be done, Can i use my existing installed softwre on this pc to scan for AV's or AMs on the other pc,

My internet usage will decrease alot if any of the above methods are possible

* i am aware of VNC programs which means installing a server on the remote pc which i dont want
* The pcs i want to update are my own only via Crossover cable, No internet connection/ WLAN would be needed

open to help :)


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I would think that the best bet would be to put all the apps that you want to install on the client machines into one folder and share it. That would let you run the installer across the network, however; as far as updates to the latest signatures, some apps will let you download the signatures separately and so you could add those to the shared network resource (folder) as well, while other require you to update the signatures from within the application itself. Don't know of any that let you slipstream the latest signatures into the installer.
Best of luck, if you come up with another solution let us know.

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