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AntiVir got installed silently in the background of one of my computers last night and I am having huge trouble combating it. I cannot run any programs, I've triyed the SpyDoctor method but I cannot even run SpyDoctor either. I am left with either posting for support or reformatting my Windows installation. *sigh*

Whatever, once I remove AntiVir I am going to file a complaint to the authorities for their crimes.


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You have probably uninstalled Antivir completely from your computer, the problem you describe has occurred with other programs not purging the WFI repository correctly during the uninstall process. Although before reading your post I have not read of this particular problem occurring with Antivir. To correct this problem it is necessary to delete the WFI repository folder from your computer and them re-build it with the correct information. As this operation requires deleting a Windows operating system folder, be very careful to identify the correct folder before deleting anything!

In control panel click on Administrative Tools, then Services, from the list of services find Windows Management Instrumentation right click mouse and from dropdown list stop the service.

Find folder C:\windows\system32\wbem, inside this folder identify the repository folder and delete only this folder (the repository folder) from your computer.

In Administrative Tools find Windows Management Instrumentation service again, and re-start the service by right clicking mouse and pressing start from dropdown list. Restarting this service re-builds the repository folder database on your computer, which should now only contain information about your currently installed antivirus & firewall programs.

To reset the Windows Security Centre you must re-boot your computer, hopefully this will cure your problems

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Thanks for the post. I'll do the folder removal later after trying out Malware Bytes in one of the links you showed me. I am doing this in safe mode as I cannot run any programs in normal mode. From the links seems like there are so many versions of this AntiVir program, as I am seeing different UIs than the one I have.

Remove Antivir Solution Pro

This is the AntiVir I am having on my computer. Only solution I can find is the Spyware Doctor and no avail. I tried looking for program files to AntiVir and cannot find any...


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The link you just provided has many removal solutions as well. Did you try those? There are also links at the bottom of that page with more solutions.


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I removed one just yesterday by booting into safe mode but selecting the system restore option from the F8 menu.


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I have had success running SuperAntiSpyware from Safe Mode.
This worked when Malewarebytes did not.
I removed it from a friends computer only a few weeks ago this way.

Note that this maleware also changes your lan settings so it may be necessary to go into the internet options and change your lan settings back to "Automatically Select Setting".


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Ok here's the news. I booted into safe mode + networking and ran through scans on AVG, SpyBot, and MalwareBytes simultaneously. One of these three programs removed the infection, but I believe it was SpyBot as it detected a fraud. This antivirus program is a definitely a fraud. MalwareBytes probably also did the job though I did pay much less attention to it than SpyBot. AVG ran in a command-line window so I didn't pay attention to that at all. Whatever, one or more of these programs did the job.

I am happy I got my computer back.


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Congratulations - good to hear - and thanks for the feedback.

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