Remove cache?

I've read in an article about co called image cache. How can I get rid of this thing?
I know that it helps when the web site images are loading but in this my specific case this load is for nothing. I'm with Win7, is there any cleaner that cleans these things? :confused:

I'll try it, I hope that it has this image-cache-cleaning tool.

A mate of mine told me about Mil Shield and WebRoot Washer, and he said me - Mil Shield is better.
Did you ever test Mil Shield or WebRoot Washer?
I was looking for image-cache-cleaning option in cCleaner but... no results.

Start menu | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Cleanup

Open that and it will scan for what it can delete. Check the box to delete "Thumbnails".

For internet related stored cache, CCleaner has been the best advice.


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Image cache is not mentioned specifically in cCleaner but it is remover as part of the temporary internet files which are removed by cCleaner. As has been said - cCleaner is the best general purpose junk file remover for you.

I was in the CCleaner's forum and I've read that this option is a Firefox-Plugin.
Some guy is writing:
"Reasons to hate Adobe:- Flash is always ridden with malware vulnerabilities, and needs to be kept up to date. I hate it."

That's why I'm looking for a good cleaner.But thanks guys, I'll solve this problem..

This is Adobe's official settings page for Flash. You can clear the caches there. It has other useful privacy settings on other tabs too. You'll see what I mean...


A mate of mine told me about Mil Shield and WebRoot Washer, and he said me - Mil Shield is better.
Did you ever test Mil Shield or WebRoot Washer?
I was looking for image-cache-cleaning option in cCleaner but... no results.
Mil shield will do work,cleans or keeps all temporary internet files (cache) & image cache.The Washer...I'm not so sure...

My opinion didn't show....
I said: I'll test them this weekend...

If you want to remove or "Clean" something, it helps to know what it is and WHERE it is.
When you find the correct name and where it's hiding, then removing it becomes as simple as just going to that folder and deleting everything in it. I have the DOS command Deltree.exe installed in my Windows\system32 folder, so this line in a batch file cleans out all the temp files created (daily) by AVG:
deltree /y "C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg9\Temp\*.*"

you can also do lines like that with the delete command:
Echo y | del "C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg9\Temp\*.*"

Deltree will also delete sub-directories in the target folder and DEL won't.
In both cases, you have to send a "Yes" to the command so it will run without user intervention.

This line will clean out the Cache folder (temporary internet files) in Firefox. The actual name of the folder will vary from PC to PC so you have to check your own PC to see what the name of that folder is.

Echo Y |del "%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\Alex\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\5qlt1jm4.default\Cache\*.*"
(this dumb system put a space in the word \Cache\... there is NONE.)

I recently printed out my own XPCleanup.bat file and it took two pages in 14 point type.
There is a lot more junk stored in your PC than you can imagine, if you've never gone looking for it. Once you do, you'll be horrified by the amount of junk files kept by windows and user programs. There is NO one program that gets it all.
The only one I've seen that comes close it "Easy Cleaner" from Toni Arts.
The "Remove Unnecessary Files" app looks in every folder in the drive you select, for junk.
You can pick and choose if you like from the total list, or just click "Delete ALL" which is what I always do.

I run Easy Cleaner in conjunction with the Extended Disk Cleanup and my own cleanup batch file to get my PC as clean as possible before I do my weekly Ghost Backup. There's no use backing up junk! Eh?

Once you have created your own Cleanup.bat file, you can run it any of three ways.
1. Just run it manually from a desktop shortcut.
2. Put a shortcut to it in your Startup folder so it runs on every boot. (my favorite)
3. Put a shortcut to it in your Task Scheduler, so it runs on a timed schedule.

Well, that's just one take on the subject, from the.....

Old Timer :cool:

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Here I am...Installed both - milshield and cclenear, both work well, both have good options in themselves....

Ccleaner - it does not clean everything I want to - ( I realized that my PC saves not only the image cache but all types of cache that me and my wife have gathered from our browsing )...

The Washer - it does not run on x64 systems, so I uninstalled it...

Mil shield - works absolutely stable in Windows7 x64 and removes all types of cache, so I will use it in the future...

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OldTimer, thanks man.

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