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Is there any way of doing this? Normally, I would have no issue just leaving them there, but there are two reasons why I want them out of my system.

  1. Whenever I open up Media Player, Media Center, or what not, it automatically accesses Windows Libraries and tries to collect all of my music library into it, something I don't want to do, for a lot of reasons. Of course, I could always de-link the My Music folder and that would get rid of that, but then that brings me to the next problem...
  2. Whenever I do just that, I can't access My Music folder from Start > My Music, which is really, really irritating, and a waste of time, as I would have to go to my Desktop > AccountName > My Music to get there.
Any ideas anyone? If not, is there any way to redirect the Start > My Music folder to go somewhere else (like, a custom link instead), instead of it being fixed to the Libraries folder by default? Thanks in advance.
Not quite sure I follow you, but Ill try. I have found a registry entry (2 of them actually) that will remove libraries completely. I did find that when using WMP that I can not manage any libraries because it wants to default to the Music library and it is not there. I can't call that a bug since it's a registry hack, but given what you have done, which is not a hack, I tend to think it's a bug indeed and needs to be fixed.

When I say can't manage libraries, I mean I can't even point to a folder, the window just won't pop up anymore. I had to leave the libraries and just live with it unfortunately. M$ is really trying to shove libraries down user throats and it really irritates me, they seriously need the option to just shut them off. As well as the Homegroup. These are the 2 things I simply hate about Windows 7.

If you want the registry entries to delete to get rid of libraries, let me know. You can always export the original registry entry to restore it if you need them back
Here are the 2 keys to delete. Remember to export this setting as it is now, so you can put them back in case you need to. I have restored the original registries before and the libraries returned, so it will work. Good luck.

[FONT=&quot]HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFWARE\Microsoft\Wind ows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop\NameSpace\

When you remove a folder from the library, First just create a new folder where you want it to be, then go to start, right click on that folder's shortcut, go to properties, then move location. In the pop-up box navigate to the new folder, It will ask if you want to move all old files, click yes.
Remove library

I have removed 2 registry keys mentioned.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFWARE\Microsoft\Wind ows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop\NameSpace\


How do I remove and 1 library file? I'd like to permanently delete 'my music'. Is this located in the registry. How do I stop the library from being restored?