Remove XP from C:

I need to remove xp from my C: Help plz.....
i installed XP in C: (primary partition) and Win7 in D:
I need to remove the XP. I cant format that drive...:(:(:(
what should i do to remove that???
In Run->msconfig->Boot tab it shows 1ly win7...i cant delete xp.... Untitled..jpg

Thanks in advance:redface:

i just installed the system exactly the same way. they won't let u format or delete system partition wile running windows. so i think u'll have to boot from cd. i haven't tried it cuz i don't have nero yet. but i'm gonna install nero right now and try it that way. i'll let u know how it turns out!

ok, i can't seem to make the files into a bootable dvd...
this is frustrating...any1 knos how to resolve this problem?

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