Removed the drive with the boot manager, PC won't boot now

Hi there, I had both XP and 7 installed on my PC, the XP was on an old 500GB drive I wanted to put into my GF PC, so I pulled it out, but it seems the boot manager was on that particular drive.

I no longer get the option which OS to boot, XP was on the 500GB drive but the 7 is on a new drive, and since there is no boot manager It is unable to boot the OS.

Funny thing, when I installed that HDD in the other machine, it offered to boot either XP or 7, with no OS actually installed, hence the boot manager was indeed on that disk.

I tried to insert the W7 installation disk and performed a STARTUP REPAIR, however it fixed nothing...

How do I restore or reinstall the boot manager so I can boot my windows 7 installation?


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The Startup repair will fix your install, you just need to run it at least twice. Boot the Install DVD and choose repair like you did then do a startup repair. Then try booting back into the OS. If it won't boot, go through the process again.

If that does not work post again and I will give you detailed Remove Windows XP from and dual-boot configs with Windows 7. When you removed the drive you removed the master boot record. The other area is the drive map which is most likely messed up now.

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