Removing bar from explorer

Hey guys!

How can i remove this bar?




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It is hard coded into Windows explorer. There is no way to remove it except by a hack. Elmers suggestion may be worth a try.

PS: To permanently disable or hide Command Bar, add following code after <style resid="FolderBandStyle"> line:
<Element padding="rect(0rp,0rp,0rp,-28rp)"/>​

Hi Elmer!
i edited shellstyle.dll in c:\windows\Resources\Themes\Aero\Shell\NormalColor\ and it worked.. thank you.

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I believe the "hack" is supposed to work like that (Mouse hover.)

Edit later. My post here refers to a follow up from the op, which has vanished. The "hack" only worked when the mouse was moved, it seemed.

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I think you have use a third party tool to remove it because in windows there is no default feature to remove it so try any third party tool.

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