Removing Instant Message programs from the task bar


Programs like MSN Live and AIM create icons on the task bar for simply running, even if they are not actively being used. I just switched from XP where programs like AIM and MSN Live would just stay in the system tray in the bottom right corner of the screen. I highly prefer this. If i receive an instant message i would like that specific window to create an icon on the task bar but have the program (with the buddy list) stay in the system tray.

To be clear, they are not 'pinned' to the task bar currently. I just want them to be gone so my task bar stays as clear as possible. I want them to run without them staring at me. :) Interestingly enough Google Chat does exactly what i want. Basically i want this specific area to function like XP.

thank you.


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Try going to Start > Run, and type msconfig, click the Startup tab and remove them from there.

Thank you for your responses. That link for moving MSN messenger to the system tray work perfectly, thank you. AIM however refuses in either vista or xp compatibility mode to hide itself. im not sure what else to do with it. I do want it to startup upon windows starting.



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Look through all the options of the AIM program.

There has to be a way there t prevent it from loading at startup

These programs loading at startup is not my concern. Im trying to get the buddy windows to not default to the task bar just for running actively, specifically AIM (because i was able to get msn messenger to move to the system tray).

Thank you.

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