Removing old Nvidia drivers

As the title says. I recently had to fit a new card as my old one had died. I had a 9800GX2 but now have a GTX295 installed.
I had real trouble removing the old drivers and installing the new and ended up doing it in safe mode.
My 9800GX2 is still under warranty so will do as a spare if ever i need one.

Anyone else out there had this kind of trouble also??


Hi kemical, i have not posted for a while although i do still read postings on a regular basis.
I am unsure whether to get Windows 7 as yet to be honest as it will be the usual chore of a fresh install. I have just updated the firmware of my LG GGW-H20L DVD drive too.

The GTX295 is a nice card although it does lack the HDMI port that the 9800GX2 had but a dongle is supplied so i can still use my HDMI cable.

I got the Zotac ZT-295E3MB-FSP GTX295 which seems to be a good card, it shares 3199mb of system memory like the 9800GX2 did for some strange reason, why is that i wonder???


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Hey Phil,
yup I've seen you flit from here to there...:) As for the memory usage are you sure it's not the pagefile that's being used? As that would stay the same regardless of what card you put in...

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