removing raid1 and reinstalling programs/files

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by randya, May 22, 2011.

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    Hi, I had a new computer assembled by a shop. I have I7 950 based system and has twin 1tb hardrives. I wanted to mirror the drives and files under windows, however the shop set up the drives in Raid1.(shop doesnt know what customer service is)

    I transferred all my files onto the drive with window home premium etc before realizing it had been instlled with Raid bios setup. I want to remove the raid format (bios) and clear the drives and reinstall the drives under windows to use one a a backup drive. I have a external drive I can use to assist and later use a a second backup drive.

    I understand once I clear the Raid formatting I will wipe all the info from the installed drives?

    Can I make a backup on my external drive and reinstall all my prgrams and files from my external drive once I do this.

    Also If I mirror windows 7 to my external drive can I reinstall this from my external drive to the internal drive or will it be set up as a raid format and not be of use?

    Can someone assist please with the best solution and possible problems I could encounter?
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    'The shop set the drives up in RAID 1?'

    That is mirroring. See this link:

    Standard RAID levels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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