Rename Multiple Files in 1 Shot

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    Press and hold CTRL key while clicking on each of the files that you want to rename. If your files are listed in successive order, simply highlight the first file, hold down the SHIFT key, and the click on the last file in the batch to select all files between them.

    Once the files are selected, right click on any one of the files, and select Rename. Or simply press F2. Type in a new base name that you want to use, press ENTER when done. The files will then be renamed to the same name you typed with a number in parentheses appended to the end of the name to make up a unique name for each file, i.e. NEWFILENAME (x), with x starting from 1 and running consecutively till every document is named. Extension is not affected.

    Hope you find this useful

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    That is a GOOD tip, for renaming those pictures that come out of digital cameras,
    changing a meaningless, generic, number to something like "Bday2011" with each pic sequentially numbered.
    That makes more sense than having a group of pic's with just some generic number for a name.*
    * Not knowing where a picture, for instance, will be viewed and on what OS, sticking with the
    old DOS notation of 8 characters followed by a three letter extension works best for me.

    Is this tip OS sensitive, or will it work for any OS, from XP to Win-7?

    Old Timer :cool:

    I just tried this tip, on my XP PC and it worked GREAT!
    Thanks for that tip.
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    I suggest everyone to try KrojamSoft BatchRenameFiles program. It’s really work for me.

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