Reoccurring Blue Screen

So I've had this same type of bluescreen for a while and whatever and I can go on with what has happened but basically the same thing is happening in my other thread that I made (which I do think helped) but I have no clue what I did in the past few months that brought it back. Also I've been having these blue screens for a few weeks now I've just been trying to figure the problem out myself.

Oh yeah and I want to ask too, is if possible that my graphics driver is actually crashing because when I'm playing games it will suddenly change to my Intel Graphics card and my Nvidia graphics card won't start up again until I restart my computer or is another driver really causing this to happen

Edit: Alright so I still have virtual disk drives that are from some program but I forgot what I used before and whenever I uninstall or completely remove it it just comes back so for now I just disabled the driver.

Edit: Alright so I removed the virtual disks from my computer and still got the same blue screen so I seriously have no idea what to do now so please help


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Alright so I had another blue screen but this time instead of the ntoskrnl driver now it's nwifi.sys so I may have fixed the ntoskrnl problem by removing the virtual devices but now I have a NOTHER problem so please still look at the other dump files that I posted but I'll post the latest file here.


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