Reoccurring BSOD. Tried a lot already.

I bought my ASUS N55SF this winter. And already I had my screen changed. But the real issue is that I have been having BSOD and computer freezes! Now, they happen when I am playing games. Not all games. For example Half Life 2 a well known title, makes my PC do one of 2 things:
A. BSOD me right in the face, after some time playing the game saying that my nvkflt.sys has crashed
B. Freeze my notebook so hard that it requires a manual turn off.

Now I tried reinstalling my OS, tried clean reinstalling my nVidia drivers and I tested my ram with memtestx86+..something. I also noticed that my temperature is quite high around 60 when idle and 80-95 when gaming. This was after I bought a cheap cooling pad and used compressed air to clean the vent.

Anyway I attached everything according to the posting instructions. Sorry if I missed something.

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thanks for posting the info.

Your dmp file points to:

Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed.

Also please update your drivers and bios:

Please update DirectX files: Download: DirectX End-User Runtime - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

You also have a suspect here: secdrv.SYS Wed Sep 13 14:18:38 2006

Please see this web page for further info: Is secdrv.sys safe? How to remove a secdrv error?

Lastly your mention of the temps is troubling to say the least. Some graphic cards are quite happy at temps like these but in a laptop? Plus that's way too much if we are talking system temps here. If your machine is still under warranty I'd seriously consider getting it checked out.

Well the system runs at around 85 the gpu is about 79 when playing some games.

It is still under warranty! :) I will take it there tomorrow since I am scared about temps like that as well. I tried almost everything I could.

Thank u very much for the info! I will try do everything u mentioned.

And do u recommend stopping the secdrv ? And how since I cant see it in MsConfig
BTW. My bios is updated and I'm clueless on which drivers are in need of updating, since most of them are already from the Asus Website.

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If you open up control panel and go along to admin tools you can disable the driver through 'services'. As for your drivers, let's wait until after the lappie has been returned and go from there.

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