Reoccurring BSODs with differing error messages

This computer has been experiencing BSODs with varying messages for quite some time now, and I've replaced most of the hardware components-- processor, motherboard, power supply, memory and video card-- in trying to find the faulty component. Since the newest hardware iteration is still experiencing errors, I'm led to believe the problem lies in the software rather than the hardware. I've attached the Seven Forums folder and updated the system info in my profile to the best of my ability as requested, since this stuff is way above my understanding. I'm hoping one of you will be able to shed a little more light on the issue!

Thanks in advance
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I analyzed the minidump files with windbg after the most recent BS's OD; most indicated that memory_corruption is occurring. As a result, I've been running memtest86+ for the past few days with RAM in different configurations with no errors at all, leading me to believe it is a software issue. What is the best way I can search for the driver/program at fault?

Here's another batch of dump files:
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The error messages have not been consistent. Does anyone know how I should go about finding the fault?

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