Reoccurring Hardlock/BSOD approx. 45min after startup

Starting about 4 days ago my computer gave me a BSOD, and from then on it would hardlock (followed by a BSOD 2-4min later) approx. 1 hour from when I started it up. I tested/stress tested everything I could think of. I made sure my power settings didn't turn anything off. I used HD Tuner to check my SSD that Windows is on, Prime95 for CPU/Memory. Even played Crysis 2 at near maxed settings. During all of these the temp of cpu/gpu never came close to critical territory, and none of them made the BSOD come any sooner than it would if I spent that time idling. I also tried moving the SSD to a different SATA slot, and replacing my old PSU with a brand new one I had laying around.

Earlier this morning I formatted the SSD and reinstalled Windows. With a fresh install with only the drivers from the motherboard's disc, and the latest nvidia drivers it BSOD'd after approx. 20-45 minutes. I installed all of the Windows Updates including SP1 and it it still does it after 45m.

I'd love to post the minidump, but neither installation would actually make one. SF Diag tool rar is attached along with the cpu-z and RAMMon reports.

The BSOD code from the first one was always 0x000000F4 (0xFFFFFA8008C4060 0xFFFFF8008C4340 0xFFFFF8000319D510). After the new install I've had 3. the first was c0000135, second was c000021a (0xc0000006), third was 0x000000F4 (0xFFFFFA80092FCB30 0xFFFFF80092FCE10 0xFFFFF800031CE510)

I filled out my profile with mostly everything. If there's something you'd like to know that I didn't answer just let me know.


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