Repeatable Browse Freezing

Hello All,

Unfortunate to start my first post on this forum with a problem with Vista, but here goes. Whenever I browse directories through a program such as Winamp or Microsoft word, that program just freezes.

Example: I'm typing up document in Word 2007, I click "Save as", and as I browse through the directory, the program freezes.

I'm still able to interact with explorer normally, but the program just stops responding. Other applications still work.


Core 2 Duo
4gb ram
Vista x64
eVGA 8800gts

This is a problem that I can reproduce even after reboots. Any ideas?

Ok, I found a workaround around the problem, but it still doesn't solve the issue. The default folder that's opened when I click on "save as" is my documents folder. I moved the contents of that folder (AIM fileib folder) into another folder, then the freezing problem stopped. I don't understand why that fileib folder would cause freezing, since it only contains another empty subfolder. The funny thing is after I moved the fileib folder, I can navigate from my "documents" folder to that fileib folder without freezing.

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