Windows 7 Replace Microsoft video driver with the Catalyst suite


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Jun 13, 2009
Hello. Sorry for my bad english...I'm Italian! I have a Radeon HD 2600 XT (AGP version) and I have installed Windows 7 build 7100 RC x64. Windows has installed its driver automatically without ask me what driver I want to use. The video card is recognized as Radeon HD 2600 XT AGP but the 3d performances are not so good. Now I want to uninstall the Microsoft driver (Microsoft corporation WDDM 1.1) and install the Catalyst 9.5 suite. How can I replace the Microsoft driver with the Catalyst one? Thanks!
I tried to install the Catalyst 9.5 AGP Hotfix for Windows Vista x64. It's the same driver I used on Windows Vista. I cannot use the new driver for Windows 7 because my HD 2600 XT AGP is not compatible with it. During the installation of the Windows Vista x64 Hotifix driver, the installer doesn't install any driver and after all the Catalyst Control Center will not work... There is a way to install manually the Catalyst Hotfix driver? (I used this same driver on Windows 7 beta and worked well!)
I tried both the Hotfix for Windows Vista and the Windows 7 drivers. The hotfix didn't install anything and the Windows 7 driver made my sistem crash at the beginning of the installation...I think I will install back Windows Vista or Windows XP for gaming...When AMD/ATI will give complete support to the HD 2xxx/3xxx AGP series on Windows 7 I'll install it...Thanks for the help!
Did you first uninstall the driver from Device Manager first?

I would try that, then try the driver.
Yes, sure! But at the reboot of the system, Windows reinstall automatically its driver...without ask me anything!
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