Windows 7 Replacing Start Orb?

How would I go about replacing the image of my Start Orb, so that it looks like the "Show Desktop" button? Here's a picture of what I want it to look like:


It is possible but know this with a warning. The necessary files are hidden in explorer.exe in windows7 unlike XP or Vista and you need to tweek them. The software you use is **********, you know what - I don´t think it would be alright to post that here so my suggestion is simply give it a search. A hint would be starting at neowin net and looking for guides at devianart. Good luck and make a backup first!

Just replace the whole bar with Winstep and use Next Start nd various themes that are out there nd they can be tweaked for you use. In My Start Bar I have no ORB just my initials but can be changed to what ever I want such as my last name or first name. I might change it GO here in the future as you can see in the screen shot

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That WinStep looks cool. I'm using something similar on my XP machine called Windowblinds. So far, WindowBlinds isn't compatible with W7, so the WinStep looks to be a better alternative for me right now.

I use Stardocks Windows blinds it certainly does work with Windows 7 64 and 32 bit has from the get go. I am a subscriber to to Object Desktop - Your Edge In Software windows blinds 6.50 dated 3/24/09 beta definitly works with they even have a windows blinds 7 beta if you are a current subscriber to to Object Desktop, However the only skins that will work are the vista ones and few that are designed for W7:):):)

Oh, I only bought the WindowsBlinds license. The only version we have available to download is 6.2. If there is 6.5 or 7 Beta, I haven't seen a link on the website for it. I even went over to Impulse for the update, but still didn't see any 6.5 or 7 beta.

I've been contemplating buying the upgrade subscription to Oject Desktop, but I'm not sure if I'll be using all the other software (even though it's a really great deal).

I would recommend it, download impulse to see if you can get latest WB. You cannot get WB 7 beta unless you purchase Object Desktop it is for subscribers only, I use Web Blinds, Icon Packager,Cursor FX Plus, Fences Sound Packager Logon Studio for Vista it works on W-7 and various other packages that come with Object Desktop:D:D

re:windowblinds for seven

I'm not a subscriber,but i updated my windowblinds 6 to 7 beta for £9.99 and i get the full one when it comes out.Runs ok on windows 7,and like was said all vista skins seem to work for me.

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