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Hello i am paying a company that give me internet ,also it has give me a router i dont know but i am having too low speed and i wanted to know how to accelerate it. and if i buy another better router , if the internet speed will be speed up


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I doubt if you will improve the speed with anothet router. What speed are you paying for and what do you get? If the figures are comparable, then they do not need much tweaking. If you have a much lower speed than you pay for, then perhaps something can be done. post you specs, particualrly your memory and CPU speed.

i pay for 8mbps i have 300 kbps and sometimes lower i have 3072 ram(memory) and i have 0437Mhz cpu speed(tested by cpu speed professional)

i posted them RAK and you dont tell me anythink then why you told me to post them???

Hit the Windows key + Pause key at the same time. Please tell us what it shows for the processor line.

you mean windows key +p?

i do that i see something too different(about projector)

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