Requested Operation Requires Elevation

I just spent my afternoon on the phone with Toshiba and Microsoft. Neither of who gave me much help. I recently purchased a laptop and am trying to install my Microsoft Office 2003 on a Windows 7 operating system. I was receiving the "The requested operation requires elevation" error and followed the directions on other forums about running as an administrator or turning off the UAC. Neither of these helped. Toshiba told me to uninstall the Microsoft 2007 that came on my computer, which I did. This still didn't help. They then told me to call Microsoft for them to help with some special tool to actually remove the 2007 version from my computer. Microsoft wanted to charge me $50 to help me. Now what????


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Why were you getting rid of 2007 for 2003 anyway?

The 2007 version is only a trial one that I would have to purchase after the trial is complete. I had already purchased a copy of the 2003 Microsoft Office and would like to use that. Toshiba's advice was to just use the trial on until it runs out and then try loading 2003 again. My fear is I'll be past my warranty time to get any techincal support, but it seems as if I can't get any from them now either.


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Well at a push you could use "Open Office" (Freeware) which is very similar and supports importing of ms formats.

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