Windows 7 Requesting Assistance getting Windows 7 to see things.


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Hey everyone, saw the forums and thought I'd ask for some assistance.

So I've got a WD 150gb Raptor SATA Hard Drive. I know I've got it, I'm using it right now with Windows XP SP3 installed.

I downloaded the latest public beta for Windows 7, burned it to a DVD and reset my machine. Everything works just find until I select Custom install and it for some reason can't see my actual Hard Drive. I toss in my driver disk, and I get no response at all.

Is anyone else having this problem? What can I do to remedy the situation?

Thanks for any help!
Well I'm not having much luck finding any information about this online either.

The Windows Installer just can't see my HD for some reason when I try to do a clean install. It's loading properly, it's in the boot order, it just seems to disappear. Even when I open the command prompt console it doesn't appear.

I'm pondering if I should wipe the drive entirely and start over, but I don't know why that would fix anything.
The reason it cannot see the device is because it does not have a driver for something. It could be the motherboard, hard drive, or many other things.
Wonderful....and of course the drivers I know I can get are all for XP. Well that's a huge pile of suck. Back to hunting I suppose.
Windows 7 uses Vista's driver database right now I think. You might have better luck looking for Vista drivers for everything. I'm just throwing ideas out...
Unfortunately I don't have a copy of Vista to get drivers from and the motherboard I've got doesn't seem to have Vista drivers either for it. An Asus KV8SE Deluxe. I just can't find anything on the internet either. All I'm getting are more and more forums.
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