Windows 7 Resident evil 5 on windows 7 ( Problem )

Hello. I have problem with the game on windows 7. I install the game everythink is good. Then i trying to star the game on directx 9 or directx 10 I get error. Then i trying to star game on 9 directx get error this E_INVALIDARG : XLiveInitialize then i trying to star in directx 10 I get error this ERR03 : Failf to initialize Directx 10. Why ? whats is the problem ? I have windows 7 32bit. I install new directx, new video drivers, update Xlive, and i can't play resident evil 5. Can anybody help ? Big thanks.


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Run fine on my rig, so must be some software settings or driver issues

But i install new video drivers, new xlive, new sound drivers, new directx. And did not work :frown:


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post all your specs please, it may help

My pc Quad-Core 9500, 4 Gb Ram, Nvidia 9800 GTX +, Audigy sound blaster. Windows 7 32bit. Build 7260.


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My pc Quad-Core 9500, 4 Gb Ram, Nvidia 9800 GTX +, Audigy sound blaster. Windows 7 32bit. Build 7260.

My first thought would be the build number of your windows, mines running 7600, so thats one thing to think on...seondly why run 32bit os with that 64bit rig...simply doesnt make any sense, don' let the LUDDITES tell you 32bit is more stable or's utter lies.

You think i need windows 7 64bit ? and 7600 build ? to run the game ? ;)


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well I'd certainly use 64bit to get the most of the specs you have....since you get capped at 3gig ram and handicapped cpu performance without it

Hmm.. okey. Thanks for the help. I will try windows 7 64bit.


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btw have you tried using creative's free "ALchemy" tool, adds eax support back in for vista/win7 games since both OS no longer support dxsound in favour of openAL.

hi, i have same problem.. have you resolved it already? thanks..

I would agree also you should update your windows to a 64 bit verison os.... I have this game and it works both directx version 9,10 on a 64bit os ... Also even tho windows helps updates your drivers still check on the OEM for updated drivers.

I have another problem with my Resident Evil 5, I can't see in motion videos in the game, the screen goes all back, the only thing is coming out is the sound...

I have:
Windows 7 64bits Professional12Gb Ram DDR3
I7 Processor
ATI Radeon HD 5870 1Gb

Game Options all in high screen resolution is in 1920x1200
someone have the same problem our know how to fix it?

thks for your help

Do you have the latest srivers installed for your graphics card? and try to install direct x 9.0c.

I have the latest graphic driver and I use Direct X 10

1920x1200 seems as a very high resolution even tho it should not matter.. But here are my thoughts ... Updating drivers which should help..

Ati Graphics Card. I have one of these on my laptop. Everything is updated ...ect But when running some games i get issues.. Such as Street Fighter 4 .. The game loads but not properly. I only get the background and music. No text as in Menu/Selection/Character Selection. Also if i start a game i see nothing but the background. So therefore it must be something with ATI needing to update for windows 7.

Nvidia .. Same specs different card. Eveything runs in order..

Am currently running a Geforce,9600, 1Gb and thus so far these are the list of games am running.

Warcraft 111 (Dota)
World of Warcraft
Assassin's Creed
Mini Ninja
Cabal Online
Heroes of Newerth
Need for Speed Shift
Left 4 Dead
Call of Duty 4 - ( only issue i have is you need headphones/speaker to play ) (Error)
Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2 - ( only issue i have is you need headphones/speaker to play ) (Error)
Resident Evil 5
Fifa 10
Grand Thef Auto 4
Street Fighter 4

All these games runs sweet mostly all on the highest in game graphics resolution

Check the OEM website of the graphics card and see if you can get help on this...


I have the latest graphic driver and I use Direct X 10
you might still try installing the latest direct x 9.0c, it will look if there are files that are missing or maybe still can be updated, and it might really help. The thing is, direct x 10 and 11 are different from 9.0c so they use some different files also, maybe your game uses other files that aren't native for dx10 or 11.

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