Windows 7 Resolution changes on dual monitor after ctrl alt delete


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Mar 10, 2009
Sometimes when I hit ctrl alt delete to lock my computer the screens go black and when I hit escape, my desktop comes back but the monitors and resolution get all messed up. My primary monitor and secondary monitor will switch places, but the taskbar will remain on the same monitor. Monitor 1 has the taskbar and all the icons and is at 1280x1024 (normal). Monitor 2 will be at a resolution of 800x600 (should be same as Monitor 1) and to move the mouse from Monitor 1 to Monitor 2 I have to go off the left hand side of Monitor 1 and not the right hand side like it's supposed to be. The only way to fix this is to reboot. Once rebooted everything is normal again. Both monitors are at 1280x1024 and in the correct positions. This happens about every 10th time I hit ctrl alt delete.

I thought it was a driver or video card issue so I swapped video cards. The first card that was in there was an ATI card and when this started happening I switched to an nVidia card. I had all the updated drivers, but it still keeps happening. It is happening a little less now that I am using the nVidia card.

I have searched everywhere for this and have not come up with anything. Both of us here at work are running Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 and we both have the same issues.

It sounds like you are experiencing a display issue with your dual monitor setup on Windows 7 Beta Build 7000, where the monitors and resolution get all messed up after locking the computer using Ctrl + Alt + Delete. This issue, where the primary and secondary monitors switch places and the resolution is incorrect, can be frustrating, but there may be a few solutions you can try to resolve it without having to reboot every time.

Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially fix the issue:

### Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Check Display Settings:
- Right-click on the desktop and select "Screen Resolution" or "Display Settings" to verify the monitor arrangement and resolution settings.
- Ensure that both monitors are set to the correct resolution (1280x1024).

2. Update Graphics Drivers:
- Ensure that you have the latest graphics drivers installed for your NVIDIA graphics card.
- Visit the NVIDIA website to download and install the latest drivers compatible with Windows 7 Beta Build 7000.

3. Adjust Monitor Order:
- In the display settings, try rearranging the monitors to match the physical layout (dragging and dropping the monitors).
- Make sure the correct monitor is set as the primary display.

4. Keyboard Shortcut:
- Instead of using Ctrl + Alt + Delete to lock the computer, try using the Windows Key + L as an alternative shortcut to lock the computer and see if the issue persists.

5. Power Settings:
- Check the power settings to ensure that the monitors are not turning off or going into sleep mode during the lock screen.

6. System Updates:
- Install any available Windows updates as they may contain fixes for display-related issues.

7. Compatibility:
- Keep in mind that Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 is an older version and may not be fully compatible with modern hardware configurations. Consider upgrading to a more recent and stable version of Windows for better compatibility and support.

### Additional Notes:
  • Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 is an early pre-release version of Windows 7, and it is not recommended for daily use due to potential bugs and compatibility issues.
  • It's advisable to back up important data and consider upgrading to a stable and supported version of Windows for a smoother experience.

By following these steps and ensuring that your drivers are up to date, you may be able to mitigate the issue you are facing with your dual monitor setup on Windows 7 Beta Build 7000.