Resolution messed up after SSP1 install in Win 7

Today I installed SP1 in Win 7, and lost my widescreen (1920x1080) resolution which appeared automatically upon Win install. I have a Philips 244E WS LCD, and the resolution I have right now is the max I can choose from at1280x1024, which makes the screen look "Squoozshed" and gives me a headache to look at! :-(

I tried installing the NVIDIA drivers but they made no change in the resolution. I have the GeForce 6600 GT card btw.

What do I do? This is killing my eyes and head! :-(


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In device manager does your Monitor show up as a Standard VGA Monitor, Plug-n-Play monitor, or the Phillips 244e model?
This might be the culprit...

Philips does have a .inf (monitor driver) for your monitor please see their site at:
Philips - Find your product

Enter your EXACT model, as the 244E has several versions, and then look at the software download sections for the Windows 7 driver file, right click the monitor in device manager, upgrade driver, point it to the extracted inf file from the zip file you downloaded, reboot and hope the resolution comes back.

THANKS for your reply!

I have tried uninstalling the Nvidia driver, and install it back, but it made no difference.

As for the monitor; There IS no Monitor in Device Manager! It's really ticking me off! Seems like XP is better than Win 7 so far. I only had Win 7 for 1 week and it just doesn't work... Or makes sense!

I have downloaded the Philips driver, it's on my desktop. But I have no idea how to install it.

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Did installing the driver create a NVIDIA control panel? Right click on desktop and see if it's there. You may have to create a new or custom resolution. I can't remember all the steps but that is what I had to do to fix the refresh rate.


My computer won't recognize my graphics card after I installed the LATEST driver from Nvidia. I have the GF 6600 GT card. :-(

Also, I won't get any sound.

But the worst part is, as you see: NO HIGH RESOLUTION! NO WIDE-SCREEN! I am going to puke from staring at this "squooshed" image I am looking at now on my screen! :-(



Sorry bro, the NVIDIA panel does not include "resolution" options at all, only "3d" and "video" options. Something is VERY fishy here! I need to install a monitor driver for my Philips 244E1sb as well, I have the drivers - but get this: Device Manager does not HAVE the "MONITOR" icon at all!

i had the same problem as you with W7 so i went back to xp 64bit because when i tryed to reformat my W7 and reinstall it said my product key was in valid so xp 64 is the way to go.


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I would love to try and help you via remote support, can you please send me a private message with your email and/or phone number? Don't knock 7, your just having some device driver issues... I think we can fix it :)


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Have you tried rolling back the drivers to see if you can return to a standard resolution?

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