Resolution problem with Win 7


My Card is 9800 GT and my LCD TV is Toshiba AV500.

In XP:

I'm adding a custom resolution 1360*768 and timing CLS. (progressive 60hz). Almost every game work 1360*768 with 1:1 Pixel mapping and Great Quality. There is not any problem, everything works very well

In Windows 7:

I'm adding a custom resolution 1360*768 and timing CLS. (progressive 60hz). There is not any problem with my LCD TV. 1:1 Pixel mapping ok, I can use my LCD Tv as regular PC monitor, I can watch HD films with 1:1 Pixel mapping with 1360*768.

Life is very well, since the games.

About 5 months, I'm trying to fix this stupid problem. In Windows 7, when I start any fullscreen game (doesn't matter) with 1360*768 I can play only in window mode. If I click the maximize button there is always an error message "this resolution not supported by bla bla"


I'm changing the resolution of game to 1360x768 and some games wants to restart itself. After restart the games converting resolution except 1360*768 and without 1360*768 the games seems blurry, aliasing, darker or worse. (no 1:1 pixelmapping)


related game working in XP with fullscreen without any window, with 1360*768 and 1:1 Pixel mapping.

What is the difference Windows Xp and Windows 7. I have many many drivers already tried, I changed my TV's EDID information, I did many many tricks. I'm getting crazy. Please help, How can I fix this problem without XP install.

Thank you very much for your help and sorry for my poor English.

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