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May 22, 2009
I've installed my Windows 7 RC(32 bit) today, and occoured a horrible problem...
After I had downloaded a driver for my 8800GT and installed it, (Windows 7 driver of course) I restarted my computer (I am still wondering why the installation didn't ask from me to restart by itself).
When I tried to change resolution I saw that I can't choose any other resolution except 800x600 and I can only use 16 bit.
With my Windows XP everything was normal, and is still normal (I got both XP and 7 installed on this computer).
I will be very very happy to get your help, this 800x600 have already started to annoy me...

I dont have a nvidia card however, does your have some sort of control panel that you can change the settings (resolution, etc..)?
Try changing them within the nvidia control panel before changing them in the windows settings, i know it sounds weird but ive heard that for some reason the driver sometimes doesnt take effect until you actually use the nvidia control panel to change the settings first. Try that and post back perhaps youll luck out!
Thanks for responding.
Unfortunatly, it didn't work through the nvidia control panel too.
Any other suggestions, anybody ?
Did you do a "clean" install or an upgrade?

Is the WDDM driver now installed from Windows Update?

You can go to Start > Run and type msinfo32 and under the Components section choose Display to see what version you have.

There are beta Windows 7 drivers available here:

NVIDIA Driver Downloads - Advanced Search
Hey, sorry for late comment.
My driver version is
By the way, did I already said that I got both Windows 7 and XP installed on my computer ?
So maybe this is the problem causing all this, but I am only guessing, I don't know for sure.
Go to Start > run, and type diskmgmt.msc and me know hoe your hard drive is partitioned and What is listed under these partitionS,...

Such as System ,boot Active Primary partition

Is the other one set s just Active, healthy?

Please indicate the drive letters.
Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Logical Drive)

Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition)
That is the correct driver,

There shouldn't be a conflict as the partitioning looks OK.

Why not try uninstalling those drivers from Device manager and and reboot your computer,

See if Windows identifies it and installs a driver.
I restarted the computer right after and than after I put in the password, it did something weird and asked from my to restart again, probably installed the drivers newly.
Video Card

Hi Rukario, I've got an 8600GTS that works perfectly. There was an auto update twice since I got W7, and a visit to the Nvidia site confirms that the latest is the one that is active. I guess you've tried the Nvidia site for drivers, and I'm pretty sure that the 8800 series uses the same drivers as mine and though the driver listed in hte Device Manager is with a date of 4/30/09, there is also an auto update even more recent than I had remembered that is labelled Nvidia 86ooGTX =(Pre- Release WDDM1.1) with a date of 5/6/09. Maybe one of those would be able to do you some good> Like I said, mine is working perfectly in a 32 bit system. Good Luck.
I've found the problem, fixed it, and I need another way to fix it, before I will ROFLMAO...
I've uninstalled the driver of my 8800GT, and than, before I let the windows to restart, or after the first restart (when it turns on newly after the first restart it installes the driver again, asking for another restart !), the resolution is good !
32BIT, 1024x768...but only without the driver.
Maybe I should find a way to block the windows 7 to install driver from net automaticlly and try to install mine before he installs it by himself ?
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