Windows 7 Resolution Stuck at 640 x 480


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Jan 14, 2009
Just installed the Windows 7 Beta on my desktop which was previously running XP, but now the resolution is unfortunately stuck at 640x480. I've run windows update and installed everything it found, but none of the updates were video related. I went through device manager and noticed that my video adapter driver is just the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, and the Monitor is Generic PnP Monitor. I have the Intel 845g integrated video chipset, and an Acer 1916w Monitor. I figured the problem was with the video adapter, and tried to download updated drivers from Intel's website, but the only drivers I can download are for XP, and they're executable files which automatically say the OS isn't compatible and won't run. Any ideas?
I'm having the same problem only the resolution is stuck at 1024x768 whereas with Vista on the same PC I'm using 1280x800. I've also had no joy updating the drivers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Searching through the forums, this seems to be a common problem. Guess we'll have to wait and see if it gets fixed in an update..
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try to download the files and then bypass there installer an update the drivers directly from within Device Manager. right click device hit update driver software. Then browse to where the driver is located.
Thanks for that, but just this second, I've downloaded updates from Windows Update, which has sorted it :razz:
Hmmm, what update did it say it downloaded? My windows update maintains that there are no available updates.

As for Iroken's suggestion, I've tried that but device manager simply says my drivers are up to date when I point it at the directory.

Any other suggestions?
I had the same problem with my intel graphics card on my pavilion 716n pc. The only drivers intel made for it were Windows XP. I tried absolutely everything to try and get the drivers and had no luck. I then gave up and admitted it was a problem of finding the right driver.So you will either have to live with it, find a vista driver, or get another graphics card.
All right, I figured out how to solve the problem for anyone else who might be in a similar situation. After downloading the driver executable for XP from the Intel website, I right clicked on it and then ran it in compatibility mode with XP. After rebooting, the resolution is much better.
I got my 845G system working fine in both Vists and W7 using XP display drivers from Intel - version

Found a Fix To 640X480

I have recently found a fix for the screen resolution being stuck at 640X480 if you go to the intel website find your chipset and then save the driver on the computer (windows XP driver) you can search for avalable drivers for your video card and it will install it as a windows xp driver but it will also fix your screen resolution so you may set it to however you want it it will look like a normal computer again and Will not be so big. :)

my pc did the same thing the other day after 2 months of being fine,found out it was just loose connection,the recommended(native)resolution wasnt appearing in my nvidia settings,unplugged and plugged cable back in and it work??,might not help but just an idea??
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