Windows 8 resolution


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installed windows 8 just now.... i've 2 questions

1.can't use snap apps as i've max 1280*1024 resolution..ny solution?

2.i've xp on my pc... & i've purchased this upgrade using my brother's laptop.... now i've installed win8pro in my pc...
so my question is will my bother can face ny problem regarding his windows 7??? will he receive any multiple notification kind of stuff??


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I don't understand hardly anything in your post unfortunately. Perhaps there's a language barrier here, but if you wouldn't mind rephrasing things, I might get a better interpretation of what you're trying to ask, only then.

The only things I can gather here is your statement with a question mark at the end about resolution, you upgraded from XP to Windows 8, and your brother is using Windows 7. But I don't get what you mean by "notification kind of stuff". That's very vague...

You've started point #1 with "can't use snap apps" though, so is this something you have figured out and have already confirmed, or are you asking whether you CAN? Or Why you cannot? I don't get it.

Point #2 I can't understand at all.