Windows 7 ResolveName Error


I have installed windows 7 32 bit with MS Outlook 2003. I have a VB6 app which uses the MAPI controls 6 to send emails. I am currently getting a 48389 error message on the ResolveName property with no error description. I still get the MS Outlook prompt to allow access. I assume there is now a security issue with Windows 7 and allowing external applications to access the Outlook address Book? This functionality works fine or previous OS's.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated,



don't know if you still have this problem (if not I leave this note as an information source), but I was able to get around this bug (same setup, vb6 + Outlook 2003 + Win7) by adding the line

MapiMeassages.RecipDisplayName = "Somebody" ' (<- fill in your recipients name)

before a call to MapiMessages.ResolveName (or even before MapiMessages.AddressResolveUI). If this does not work, try to REM the lines AddressResolveUI and/or Resolvename. If the recipients name is not known, you can simply repeat the recipients email address, but DON'T leave this field empty.


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